Rosie and Joel met through mutual friends in high school and got together after year 12 after being friends that year. Upon their first meeting, Joel though Rosie was nice and kind while Rosie though Joel was funny and a little mean! I guess that combo worked well together because on the 6th of December 2019, Joel and Rosie made promises to each other in front of all their friends and family at Figtree Anglican church. Despite the large number of people in attendance, to me, the ceremony still felt quite intimate and was very personal.

It was easy to see how much they were loved by their friends and family. Every person there showed up joyful and enthusiastic, ready to congratulate and celebrate with the newly weds. The wedding party as well as the rest of their guests were lighthearted and easy going which made photographing them so wonderful. When asked about the qualities they love most about each other, Joel admires how loving and caring Rosie is while Rosie loves how Joel makes her feel safe. She loves that when he’s having fun everyone around him is too and she truly loves his strong family values. 

Following the ceremony and morning tea, we all headed to 7 Mile Beach in Gerroa for their bridal portrait session. 7 Mile Beach remains a meaningful place to them as it was where they celebrated their anniversary each year and where Joel proposed to Rosie. Their love and adoration for each other was apparent throughout the shoot and they had a natural chemistry which made photographing them so easy! Oh and did I mention, Rosie made her own dress? I was mind-blown! Here are just a few of my favourite images from the day! Stay tuned for more images to pop up on my facebook and instagram.

Wedding Vendors

While they personalised a lot of the details on the day, here are a few details of wedding vendors involved on the day.