Why is it you can easily see beauty in others when it is so hard to see it in yourself? To me, boudoir is not about getting undressed and taking revealing photos but rather a way to reconnect with yourself. A way to see you in a better light to help you be kinder to yourself. Because every person deserves to see themselves as beautiful and unique.

Inspired to Empower • Empowered to Inspire

Boudoir makes up about 60% of what I do and I love creating images that brings forth your inner confidence through this unique experience. I want each and every one of you to come out of this experience feeling empowered, sexy and confident. To be able to look back on your images and be reminded of that every day. Whether you are doing this experience to boost your own confidence, to try something different or as a unique gift for your partner; I want you to feel comfortable, respected and cared for throughout the session.