What is boudoir and who is it for?

Boudoir, in French, translates directly into a woman's private sitting room or salon. In photography, it is an art form of intimate photographs taken of a woman, usually in lingerie. In our studio, we photograph boudoir to envoke confidence in every woman and to help every woman who enters our studio re-discover their beauty and sexiness. Whether it's for a gift for your loved one or a treat for yourself, the confidence that you gain from such an empowering and liberating session is one of the key reasons why I recommend Boudoir sessions.

Age requirement for boudoir shoots

Boudoir photography services are available for persons aged 18 and over.

How do I book my session?

These style of shoots are so personal and I want you to feel comfortable during your session. So, get in touch and I will organise a call with you to discuss and answer all your lingering questions.

Are hair and Makeup Included?

Hair and makeup are not included. However, we can assist you with organising one of our preferred HMUA to attend the studio prior to the session to provide you with the full experience.

Do you photograph women who are full figured?

OF COURSE! I believe that every woman is beautiful and unique no matter their background, age or size. I never categorise women by who they are or what they look like. Every woman walking into the studio with be treated with respect and their uniqueness and individuality will be the foundation in which we build the shoot upon.

How long is a boudoir session?

Please allow 2 hours for your session (additional time required if you are getting your hair and makeup done in studio). While I have continually perfected our techniques, these sessions are meant to be enjoyed and I want us to take our time to create these timeless artworks. It's about the journey, not just the destination.

I don't know what to wear or what to bring to my sessions

I will personally contact you to discuss wardrobe choices whether it be via email or over the phone. We will collaborate ideas over Pinterest and come up with a few outfit choices from what you already have or you are planning to purchase. I recommend going into specific bra stores such as BRASNTHINGS to have your lingerie properly fitted. The experts in these stores will be able to find the most flattering styles and fit for you. 
In our studio, we do carry a few different items in Tale Thief's Vault. They come in a few different styles and in a few different sizes. However, we do recommend that you bring a few things for your session in case those items are not available for use or do not fit properly. You are free to borrow items from our Vault provided you bring a nude coloured, seamless g-string. These items are washed between each use. 

What do I do with my hands???

Unsurprisingly, posing is one of the key concerns many of my previous clients had and I would like to put your mind at ease. One of the biggest assets that I bring into these sessions is my experience in posing women. Throughout the session, you will be guided through a series of poses that are designed to flatter you. I utilise different angles to capture each photograph in your best light possible. 

How much are your sessions?

My boudoir photography session starts at $690 includes a 2-hour shoot, pre-shoot consult, guided posing and $500 print credit.

Pre-Payment discount?

If you know what you are looking for ahead of your session, I encourage you to choose your products ahead of time. Currently, there is a 10% pre-payment discount for Collections.

The benefit? Aside, from the discount, I can start your edits following your session instead of waiting for the full payment of the chosen products selected at your reveal session.

When and how will I choose my images from the session?

At the end of your session, we will book a personal viewing and ordering session where you will select your images and products. Please allow up to 2 hours for this session. I will personally run you through packages and prints to suit your needs. 

Do you offer payment plans?

I offer a flexible 3 months payment plans depending on collection purchased. You will receive your initial few images and more digital images will be released once more of the balance has been paid.

No print products are ordered until the total balance have been fulfilled.

How will I receive my photographs? 

All digital files will be delivered via a private online gallery. You will have 1-month access to view, share and download your files.

All products will be ordered from the photo-lab and delivered the studio. I will notify you once your order is ready to be picked up. Please allow up to one month for editing and printing of images.

Reschedule Policy

The session fee of $690 is non-refundable as I will clear my schedule for the day. A $500 print credit will be credited to you should you need to cancel your session which you can use towards any future sessions with Tale Thief Photography (3 years expiry).

Please provide 72 hours of notice if you are unable to make your session and the session can be rescheduled for a more suitable time. We allow one rescheduling for each session.

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