Hi, I'm Thia,

I am a visual storyteller based in Australia. I have been photographing people for over 8 years and I truly love capturing connections between people and within themselves.

Based out of a beautiful light-filled studio in Wollongong, NSW Australia, I enjoy travelling around and out of the country to meet and photograph new friends.

My work focuses on capturing the in-between moments whether it's portraiture, boudoir, weddings, surprised engagements to casual lifestyle sessions. I believe genuine emotional connection is the foundation needed to create beautiful images.



“I must have gone through my wedding photos 100+ times since receiving them. I was first approached by Thia in a wedding group approximately a year before my wedding. I was looking for someone to share my unique vision and to capture the love that was reflected on my wedding day. She was so excited to have this opportunity to photograph my unique wedding! I made it very clear from the start; I want to feel the love from these photos and she absolutely ticked the brief.”