Hi, I'm Thia,

I am a visual storyteller based in Australia. For the last 8 years, I have been in the business of photographing people for a range of purpose. While the use of images may vary, the goal remains. Photography is about connection. Whether it's capturing the connection between loved ones, creating images to connect with future generations or even to create images that will speak in a very personal way with clients.

Based out of a beautiful light-filled studio in Wollongong, NSW Australia, I enjoy travelling around and out of the country to meet and photograph new friends.

My work focuses on capturing the in-between moments whether it's portraiture, boudoir, weddings, surprised engagements to casual lifestyle sessions. I believe genuine emotional connection is the foundation needed to create beautiful images.



“Thank you so much to the amazing Cynthia who was so patient, professional and polite yesterday. You were so mindful of timeframes and capturing exactly what I wanted. Prior to the wedding you met with us and responded to what probably felt like a million emails from me! Each time you met us with such enthusiasm and excitement to be there on our special day!
I look forward to seeing the magical moments you captured.

Thank you again!”